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SimTrack Tracking and Predictive Analytics

Industry 4.0, IOT, Tracking &

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Simcad® Pro Patented, Interactive Simulation Software

To Model, Visualize, Analyze, Optimize, and Improve Business Processes.
Simcad® Pro is an on-the-fly, interactive simulation software that leverages a patented simulation modeling environment. Simcad® Pro enables You to model, simulate and optimize all aspects of the operation in a highly visual 2D, 3D, and VR setting.


Achieve an average of 50% reduction in model turn-around time.

Manufacturing simulation

Manufacturing Simulation
Create detailed manufacturing simulation models with Simcad Pro Manufacturing Simulator including detailed assembly operations, man-power allocation, automation detail, and material ...

Healthcare simulation

Healthcare Simulation
Simcad Pro Health - Create an accurate replica of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. Analyze and Improve the ED, OR, Radiology, labs, bed allocation, internal supply chain and more, ...

Logistics simulation

Logistics Simulation
Optimize Delivery routes, inventory store sizes, transportation cost, load content and sequencing. Simcad Pro supply chain simulation analyzes the interaction among multiple facilities, ...

Warehouse simulation

Warehouse Simulation
Use Simcad Pro warehouse simulator to analyze picking and replenishment strategies, improve slotting and increase the overall warehouse efficiency. Optimize shipping, receiving, ...

Automation simulation

Automation Simulation
Adding automation to your flow? Validate the automation implementation and interaction with the rest of the operation. Support for AGVs, Robots, Conveyors, ASRS, and more. Detect potential bottlenecks and ...

Food & Beverage simulation

Food & Beverage Simulation
Simcad Pro continuous simulation analyzes mixing and holding tanks scheduling, and optimizes product flow among them. Transition tank content into discrete packages and analyze the CIP impact ...


The Best Simulation Software on the Market today.

Patented, interactive Simulation engine enabling on-the-fly optimization and model interaction


Singular model building technology for fast model turn around


Extensive integrated analysis toolset with Lean metrics and Value Stream Maps


2D and 3D visualization with interactive VR (Virtual Reality) experience


Extensive connectivity to external Databases, PLCs, SAP, and more

SimTrack® - Dynamic Execution System is a turn-key solution that connects to existing data systems (WMS, ERP, SAP, EMD), monitors and controls RTLS devices, integrates with PLCs and data streams in order to provide;


Real-time tracking and location of all entities.


Tracked entity relationship intelligence.


Dynamic real-time metrics dashboard for all aspects of the operation.


Data mining toolset generating actionable analysis.


Predictive analytics based on unique simulation methodology.


Real-time generated Prescriptive analytics for better optimization.


SimTrack® Unique Architecture allows it to interact and provide continuous bidirectional data feed with existing systems.

SimTrack® Applications


Our team of Simulation Experts is available to assist.

Simulation Consulting and Analysis

CreateASoft's team of experts is ready to assist you in model building, analysis, and system optimization. Our team can help you create accurate and effective simulation models quickly and cost effectively. Whether you are looking for a one-time simulation project, a team of experts to work with you on a solution, need a quick model turnaround, or use a new model as part of your training program, CreateASoft's team can help.


Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Process Excellence

  • Identifying and prioritizing improvement projects
  • Validation of proposed implementations under time constraints
  • Analysis and recommendations for future state planning
  • Facility layout and redesign
  • Real time process visibility
  • Supply chain, warehousing and distribution optimization
  • Healthcare facility validation and planning

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