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simulation software

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Simcad Pro Simulation Software

Achieve an average of 50% reduction
in model turn-around time

3d animation software

Create extensive 3D animation sequences using basic constructs or imported 3D files. iAnimate3D can be used to quickly build impressive and highly detailed animations.

Time and Motion Study software

Designed to allow users to effectively perform time studies on existing operations. SimData allows for the creation of different entities (processes, resources, objects) to help guide the data collection process.

Simulation Consulting and Analysis

CreateASoft's team of experts is ready to assist you in model building, analysis, and system optimization. Our team can help you create accurate and effective simulation models quickly and cost effectively. Whether you are looking for a one time simulation project, a team of experts to work with you on a solution, need a quick model turnaround, or use a new model as part of your training program, CreateASoft's team can help.

Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Process Excellence

  • Identifying and prioritizing improvement projects
  • Validation of proposed implementations under time constraints
  • Analysis and recommendations for future state planning
  • Facility layout and redesign
  • Real time process visibility
  • Supply chain, warehousing and distribution optimization
  • Healthcare facility validation and planning

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We work on a Fixed Cost project basis, up-front pricing, and deliverables.
All projects include our 1 year maintenance guarantee.


Simcad Pro supports both
Discrete Event Simulation and Continuous Simulation
Simcad Pro supports both Discrete Event Simulation and Continuous Simulation in one environment.
Depending on the goals of the simulation, the modeler can easily include continuous behavior and discrete event simulation in one model.
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